A passion for storytelling.

Adam Levin is a native Washingtonian. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Film and Television. Adam is a detail-oriented director with a passion for finding unique perspectives within our world. Fascinated by individual characters and what drives each of us, he loves stepping into new environments through the lens; evoking emotions, experiencing thrilling adventures and circumstances that otherwise we as the viewer may never otherwise encounter.  Adam believes "The art is only as effective as the viewer's response to what they experience throughout the journey." 

A lifelong photographer Adam spent many years in grade school and living abroad in Italy honing his skills in darkroom photography.  "There is an art to the processing of film: taking a photo captures one moment-- the attention to detail during the film development process speaks to the importance of each moment's memory."

Adam has a strong professional history having worked for ADME Studios, Tool of North America, Fremantle Media and Triple Theater Productions, WGSN (NY) the trend forecasting firm a/k/a “Bloomberg for the design world” as a part of their Video Production Team, Discovery Communication's headquarters as a part of their Digital Media Department where he worked directly with talent and the production teams of Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, The Discovery Channel, Sharkweek 2015 and 'Shweekend 2015', and Mercedes Benz USA.  He has also worked for Bethesda Systems, a leading IT, theater and home automation company as well as Streetsense, a leading Design firm nationwide. Adam has an extensive range of production and directing experience, having worked on the sets of TV and commercial shoots as well as fashion and trade shows. 

When off set, and without a camera in hand, Adam can be found on one of LA's tennis courts, tasting the menus of restaurants rated by LA time's editor Jonathon Gold, wondering the halls of the Whitney Museum in New York City, tracking down new albums for his music collection, at a stand up comedy show or relaxing in the California sun with friends and a cold diet coke.




Scott M. Powell

"Adam Levin brings incredible creativity and professionalism to any project lucky enough to have him. His skill as a director and acute eye for detail is indescribable. Unlike so many others; Adam thrives on set, with the actors and crew, bringing enthusiasm and energy to any production. You'll rarely find Adam glued behind the monitors. As a producer, it's been rewarding to work with someone who understands the logistics and inner workings of a production to the dime. His professional experience shows when he is working, and he can effectively communicate direction in a clear and concise manner. It is easy to get lost in the chaos of a busy production but with Adam, you can be rest assured that nothing will slip by him. As someone lucky enough to have worked with him, I strongly recommend Adam Levin. A director, a role model and friend."

Claudia V.

"Adam did such a good job capturing my vision! I asked that he stitch together footage from my proposal weekend shot on a go pro and make them into a trailer type video with music. He pieced together the footage and chose what parts of them to use in the trailer and then added transitions to go with the music. It was perfect! He kept me updated daily on the status and allowed me to make any comments/changes. I am so happy with what he produced!"

Mary C.

"I am very pleased after working with Adam.  He was very patient with my non-understanding moments, contributed content ideas (content which I hadn't & wouldn't have thought of); end result: a very complete & professional project (something I wouldn't/couldn't have come up with). It is without hesitation that I would recommend & will recommend Adam Levin for such work in the future."

Rosa V.

"Excellent! Adam was able to understand my idea immediately.  Also he was able to do the job in a timely manner as discussed. The design was done as expected but is confidential.  A Pleasure to work with!"


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